Monday, October 7, 2019

Thanksgiving Weekend Pool Schedule

There will be no practice on Sunday October 13, due to the long-weekend. Practice on Saturday October 12 will go ahead as scheduled.

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

OCM Fall 2019 Session Details

Our 12 Week Fall Session will begin on Tuesday September 17, 2019 at Champagne Pool and will run until Sunday December 8, 2019.

To register please email us at for details.

Are you curious about Masters Swimming? Check out our post "What is Master's Swimming" for more information.  OCM offers one free swim/trial swim for new members* to come and check out the club and give us a try before you register. Please sign-in as a guest swimmer.

2019/2020 Session Dates:

Fall: Tuesday September 17 to Sunday December 8, 2019
Winter: Tuesday January 7 to Sunday March 29, 2020
Spring: Tuesday March 31 to Sunday June 14, 2020

Fall Swim Times (Champagne Pool: 321 King Edward Ave.): 

Tuesday Evening:     8:30pm - 9:30pm
Thursday Evening:   8:30pm - 9:30pm 
Saturday Morning:   9:00am - 10:00am   
Sunday Morning:     9:00am - 10:00am   
Fall Fee Options (12 week session):

12 drop-ins - $204.00
Unlimited Swims - $296.00

The drop-in option is the equivalent of 1 swim a week.  We call it a drop-in so that if you miss a week or out of town etc. you can use those swims however you'd like in that 12 week period**.   Unlimited swims are just that - swim as much as you'd like in that 12 week session.  

Payment Information:

We would kindly ask that you bring payment on your first swim. Payments can be made out to Ottawa Centre Masters. We accept e-transfers to the OCM email account, cheques, money orders, or cash. All board members will be present to give you your registration package, and collect your payment on the first practice you swim. We can also provide a receipt if required.

Please remember to include the annual $12 registration fee in your first payment - Registration fee payment is required for all members as we are an official Ontario Masters Swimming Club.

Contact Us:

If you have any questions on how to register/join or any questions about the club in general - please consult the FAQ section of the blog on the right hand side of the page or or email us at

* the free trial swim is for people who have never been an OCM club member in the past. The free trial is for potential new members to see if they like the club before fully committing to a 12 week session.
** any remaining swims during that 12 week session are not transferable to another session.

Thursday, August 15, 2019

OCM Swim Club is Looking for Experienced Coaches for September 2019!!

Ottawa Centre Masters is looking for enthusiastic coaches that can deliver a good variety of work-outs, along with technique help and plenty of motivation. 
We are looking for a coach to split coaching 4, one hour practices a week: Saturday and Sunday morning practices from 9:00-10:00am; Tuesday and Thursday night practices from 8:30:-9:30pm from early September to the end of June. 
From September to December, we are looking for a coach Thursday 8:30 pm-9:30pm and Sunday 9-10am.  We hope that a candidate will lead us into our 2020 sessions, January to June especially during our night and Sunday morning practices.
Practice attendance ranges from 10-18 swimmers.  Pay for coaching is $30 an hour depending on experience.
We'd also welcome the addition of a couple of back-up coaches who'd be interested in filling in a couple practices a month, when needed. 
OCM is a small club of about 40 members that has been swimming out of Champagne Pool, at 321 York Street and the University of Ottawa for the past 9 years. Our swimmers are a mix of former competitive swimmers, tri-athletes, to people just looking for a good work-out. We do expect our swimmers to have a degree of ability in the water, so coaches are not expected to teach our members to swim.
If you're interested in helping adults that are passionate about swimming please send us an email at  and we'd be happy to discuss opportunities with the club.

Monday, June 24, 2019

We're on Summer Hiatus 2019!

We at OCM want to thank all our swimmers, our coach, sub-coaches and
 board members for a great 2018-19 swim season!

We will be back this September 2019 at Champagne Pool. Details coming soon!

If you wish to - please take a look at the post from last fall for a preview of this coming year (dates and pricing subject to change) or email us at

Friday, May 24, 2019

Ottawa Centre Masters - Lane Etiquette 101

At OCM we firmly believe that with good lane etiquette anyone, regardless of speed or skill, can swim with anyone else. Good lane etiquette, makes all the difference between really enjoying your work-out or getting out of the pool frustrated and/or disappointed in your swim.

We encourage all our members to read and apply the following to their swims.

Here are some quick points followed by a more in depth look at standard operating procedure for lane swimming with a Masters Club.

REST: Take the rest! If you are faster than everyone else in your lane - it is crucial to give your lane mates the rest that is prescribed in the set.

SPEEDS: Accept that some people people may be slower or faster than you in your lane. It doesn't mean they should not be in that lane.

BODIES PER LANE: Try to even the lanes as much as possible but not at the expense of your experience or to be in a lane that's way too fast or way too slow just for numbers.

BE ON TIME: The session starts on time every time. Arriving late is very disruptive to the lanes (if they need to be adjusted) and makes it difficult for the coach and swimmers.

STAY TOGETHER: If you fall out of sync with the work-out please regroup with the leader of the lane. Begin the works-outs together. This is especially helpful if you have speed differences.

COACHING/SETS: We all pay to get a work-out provided by a highly experienced coach, if you want to adjust the session, discuss in your lane and make a lane decision, please don't just do your own workout. 

LASTLY: Questions are always welcome.

Also - don't forget to have fun and encourage your fellow swimmers. 



-arrive early or on time
-listen to pre-workout talk before you get in the water
-help with setup if necessary/put your equipment away at the end of practice

Choose a lane:
- match your pace and level to the appropriate lane and take the rest interval as provided
- move up or down lanes adjusting to the workout and even up lane numbers
- ask coach if you are unsure which lane you should be in, and be prepared for the coach to move you to a more appropriate lane when necessary.

- begin the workout together
- if you arrive late, join the set in progress

- even lanes swim up the left and odd lanes swim up the right
-or follow the direction arrows located at the end of the lane

- fastest person for each set (depending on stroke, drill, etc) should lead and the rest should follow in order of speed
- understand the set, pace time, and suggest that everyone takes their FULL rest interval

All swimmers:
- leave 5-10 sec. between swimmers when starting
- talk problems over so that they don’t re-occur
- introduce newcomers to the lane system in a positive manner

- touch the slower swimmer’s foot
- the slower swimmer moves over or stops at the wall to allow safe passing, then follows the passer

- move to the other side of the lane and push off straight

- if you have stopped, keep the ends of the lane clear to allow continuing swimmers space to turn

- if you come late or take a break, rejoin the set in progress
- don’t start where you left off

- ask them for advice
- give them feedback, what did you like or dislike about the work-out?

Ottawa Centre Masters