Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Coaching Announcement

We have a few coaching announcements.  Jeannette coached her last practice with us on Sunday, and will be returning Toronto this spring after completing her degree at Ottawa U.  We'd like to thank Jeanette for all her great work with the club and we wish her all the best in Toronto.

We’re happy to tell you we have two new coaches joining us this spring.  Rachel Sullivan, who is a trained lifeguard and also has Master coaching experience, will begin coaching Thursdays starting March 21st and Ian Fraser, an former pro triathlete who is a certified swimming coach, and has coached swimming for several years. Ian will be observing the practice tonight.  In addition Alvaro will be a regular coach on the roster this spring.

Please give these new coaches a warm welcome to the club!

OCM will make an effort to ensure there is a uniform approach to the practices, as we want to have our swimmers best interests at heart when designing your work-outs.  You are always welcome to email the club or speak to a coach or board member if you really enjoyed a particular work-out or if you have a suggestion on how we can make things better.

Some of you have expressed interest in seeing the coaches schedule – if you are please let us know and we’ll be sure and get you a copy.

Thanks very much, and see you at the pool!

Your OCM Board